About Ecell Global

Established in 2005 by brothers Tim, Murat and Cem Celikkol

  • Over 8 million cases sold to date
  • From startup to a global online retailer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products
  • Worldwide leader in custom mobile device case designs, around 14 million product offerings shipped worldwide.

About Head Case Designs Brand

Ecell's industry leading brand founded in 2011

  • Extensive catalog of more than 8,000 unique, artistic designs for over 300 supported devices
  • Design Team composed of dedicated artists who work hard to expand variety of new and exciting designs
  • Has self-service tools provided to transform their personal photos into unique case creations.

Our Mission

Our core purpose is to enrich people's digital lifestyle by providing and delivering products driven by creativity and innovation.

Our Vision

Ecell aims to become the most creative manufacturer of back cases and a leading provider of the best consumer electronic products and digital accessories.

Quality & Social Accountability Policy

Ecell Philippines, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes unique and artistically-designed cell phone back cases to the global market.

Our Integrated Quality & Social Accountability Policy reflects our company's commitment to the highest standards of quality and health & safety performance. We strive to provide our customers with products which meet and exceed their expectations. We also recognize the need of social ac-countability and is committed to continuously identify, assess, manage and improve the elements of its operations that impact on social accountability. In line with sound business practice, we will:

  • Conduct our business with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for the interest of our stakeholders.
  • Comply with laws and regulations within the country where we operate.
  • Prevent the use of child labor and forced labor, improve health and safety, support freedom of association, prevent discrimination, implement performance management and manage compensation and working hours.
  • Implement a management system that establishes responsibilities, supporting policies, monitoring methods and review process of our performance.
  • Provide awareness training on quality and social accountability and where required, job specific training for employees.
  • Encourage suppliers, sub-suppliers and contractors to support our principles and commitment on social accountability.

This policy forms the framework upon which our organization sets its objectives and targets, and is the driver for implementing and continually improving our management system so that we can main¬tain and improve our health and safety, social and quality performance while complying with all rele¬vant customers, legal and regulatory requirements.

The policy is communicated to, and understood by all staff, actual and potential customers and the community at large and is reviewed annually and revised if needed, to reflect changing business conditions, new technology, government policies and other relevant information. This policy is publicly available in our website.

The Ecell Difference


Ecell manufactures cases for 300 devices — our competitors focus only on a small number of high end models, from Apple & Samsung. Ecell allows anyone to have the case they want.


Over 1.1 million cases made & sold in 2017 — with manufacturing facilities across 3 continents, Ecell has annual production capacity of 4 million cases.


Ecell's design and software development teams are quick to launch extensive product range and react quickly to changes in the market. Our proprietary software allows Ecell to create and upload thousands of product SKU's daily.


On demand print technology means our products are always available with no risk of aged inventory so we can keep our prices affordable (from $16/case).


German language is available on our goheadcase.com website. We also have German marketplace listings with local deliveries using Deutsch Post from Ecell's Frankfurt hub.

Our Corporate Values

Though we operate across different countries, cultures and languages, Ecell Global is a company unified by our shared values.

  • Creativity is at the heart of our business; from the staggering variety of artwork we produce, to the ways we approach and solve challenges as a company.

  • Our goal is to provide our millions of satisfied customers with personal service and timely product delivery. Every time.

  • Ecell Global manufactures and delivers the highest quality products, based on proven, time-tested processes.

  • Our global team works together to deliver the best possible products and experiences to both our customers and employees.

  • A corporate culture of continual innovation drives our new designs and next generation manufacturing and operational process.