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Founded in 2005, Ecell Global is trusted online retailer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products. We’re best known for our flagship brand Head Case Designs, which offers the largest selection of artistically designed mobile device cases in the industry.

In order to keep production, shipping and service running smoothly, Ecell Global operates a worldwide network of offices, including our headquarters in the UK and multiple offices in the EU, Australia, Asia, and North America. The result is the best possible experience for our valued customers.

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Ecell’s Candy Themed Christmas Party December 11, 2020 Christmas


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Ecell Opens in Germany October 11, 2020
Ecell recently opened up its 4th production site in Frankfurt, Germany. A €300,000 investment was made ahead of Brexit, to create Ecell Germany.

We are one of License Global's Leading Licensees 2020 August 29, 2020 Ecell Global, Leading Licensees 2020, License Global

Licenseing Expo 2019 ...

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