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Founded in 2005, Ecell Global is trusted online retailer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products. We’re best known for our flagship brand Head Case Designs, which offers the largest selection of artistically designed mobile device cases in the industry.

In order to keep production, shipping and service running smoothly, Ecell Global operates a worldwide network of offices, including our headquarters in the UK and multiple offices in the EU, Australia, Asia, and North America. The result is the best possible experience for our valued customers.

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Ecell Global Secures Two-Year License to Produce One Direction Phone and Tablet Cases June 17, 2015

LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, June 24, 2015  - Ecell Global Ltd., a world leader for stylish, printed phone and tablet cases, has entered into a two year paid licensing agreement with One Direction and Global Merchandising Services for manufacturing and online distribution of industries largest selection of branded One Direction phone and tablet cases. The agreement includes the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Germany, Italy and Japan. ...

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Ecell Featured as Oracle Social Spotlight Case Study May 4, 2015

Written by :  Maggie Huston - Sr. Content Manager, Oracle Social Cloud

It’s all fun and games to talk about social marketing strategy, but when push comes to shove, we learn the most from real life experience. We spoke to Douglas White, the CMO of Ecell Global (which owns and operates Head Case Designs) about what works for them in social media marketing. ...

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British Ambassador Visits Ecell’s Philippines Offices October 16, 2014

Today Ecell Global founders Tim, Cem and Murat Celikkol were honored to host His Excellency Mr. Asif Ahmad, Britain’s Ambassador to the Philippines and Consul Brendan Gill at their Clark, Philippines offices. Mr. Ahmad’s visit was inspired by the continued success these three British brothers have had growing their business around their Head Case Designs brand offering the largest selection of creative designed mobile devise cases in the industry. ...

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