Global Distribution & Manufacturing Presence

Manufacturing Process

In order to optimize global distribution, Ecell has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located around the world, including Blackpool, England; Orlando, Florida, USA; and our flagship location in Clark, Philippines. Our revolutionary “Just In Time” manufacturing process takes place at these locations, where each custom project is made and delivered on-site. This means that whether a case is designed by our designers or by our customers, it is produced within 24 hours of being ordered.

Ecell Global is dedicated to developing tools that allow the automation of complex original processes, which have been carefully refined over the past decade. For example, we’re able to manage a mind-boggling volume of custom orders through our proprietary, patented software, which keeps our production streamlined and efficient. Plus, with our manufacturing facility’s clean room environment, we are able to keep contamination such as dust out, ensuring that each custom made product is pristine. The result of all of this process improvement and industry leading technology is a high-quality product that customers can rely on.

Print On Demand

Ecell patented, proprietary software powers our bespoke production process.

Clean room environment. Ensures low rejects and the highest possible quality.

Just in Time production allows made to order customization with no minimum quantities.

Global distribution via regional location supports our worldwide client base.