Ecell’s Candy Themed Christmas Party December 11, 2020 Gadgets, Mobile Phones

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic basically taking over the entire world, we were fortunate enough to celebrate one of the world’s biggest holidays. The 2020 Ecell Christmas Party pushed through on the 18th of December. Unlike the previous events, 2020’s party was modestly & safely celebrated at the office.

                To feel the spirit of the event, we had Christmas decorations around the office. Furthermore, a raffle draw was held and gift bags were given to everyone in attendance. In addition, a gingerbread house contest was also conducted during the party where Reggie, JM, Jonahs, and Jape of the design department won. 

              It’s a humbling experience to be one of the few companies that were able to celebrate such an event. In spite of how the world looks right now, we're all able to stay healthy and in good spirits.